change this grumpy ole man

Picture_1 So my  challenge to everyone on sunday was to live everyday this week with God.  No one-time-sunday-for-show Christianity allowed anymore.  But I must be honest: today, I woke up in an extremely grumpy mood (which was largely my own fault for staying up too late).  I was dousing my hyper-anal grumpiness all over my sons this morning.  And then, they both ganged up, called me to account and scolded me: "Dad, you are a grumpy man!"

I was stunned.  "I am so sorry, guys," I said to them.  We all hugged and then wrestled for a few minutes.  And we prayed together.  I asked God to renew my heart today and help me show his love better than I had been doing so far this morning.

It’s not easy, but living everyday for God can be done when others hold you to it.

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