birthday bicycle bang

Scared_face So yesterday was my birthday.  It started off with a bang when a bicyclist zoomed infront of my van.  He came shooting out of a side street from my right side.  He was obviously in a big hurry.  I slammed on the brakes… and everything became slow motion… BOOM!  The guy on the bike got up, and tried to ride away.  I got out and asked, "Are you ok?"  The back tire on the bike was all bent, so the guy couldn’t ride away.  "Yeah, sorry," he said. 

In the biker’s voice I heard fright and embarrassment.  He wasn’t limping and didn’t seem hurt at all.  But his pride was damaged… and his soul seemed frustrated.  My 7-year old was yelling instructions to him from the back of the van, "You’re supposed to look both ways!  You didn’t even stop!  At least you’ve got your helmet on!"  This guy knew all that stuff… and he got hit because he didn’t do what he was supposed to do.

I offered a ride to wherever this guy needed to go, but he refused.  He just wanted to get going.  So he picked up his bike and started walking away… very quickly.  I don’t know why he was in such a rush to get out of there.  Maybe he was really embarrassed.  Or maybe he was hiding something else and didn’t want to stick around to get caught.  Or maybe he wanted to avoid the consequence of his actions.

Many of us are tempted to approach life like this bicyclist did yesterday.  We rush without careful thought from one thing to another until… BOOM!  And then we just want to pretend the BOOM didn’t happen and keep on moving…

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