DaVinci Code: The Onus is on us.

Fs_da_vinci_last_supper_cleaned Why are the fictional ideas of the DaVinci Code so appealing?  I dismissed this book a long time ago as someone’s attempt to make money by playing around with people’s faith.  But this stuff has really caught on.  Why? 

//  I think a big part of the attraction is that people love conspiracy theories and that people in North America don’t necessarily trust the teachings of the church anymore.  Combine conspiracy and mistrust of the church together… and you have a best seller.

//  I think that most people have a very high view of Jesus.  But the story that the church has been telling for generations is under fire, because many of those who have claimed to be witnesses of Jesus Christ have not proven themselves to be caring or trustworthy people.  So it’s easy to understand why an alternative story, a false story, a different story that twists the truth and distorts what’s real about Jesus, would be so interesting to so many people. 

//  If others are going to believe our message, they must believe us.  They must trust who we are so that they can trust what we say.  They must look at us and see something special, something different.  I remember as a kid being in a grocery store check out lane.  A woman saw how well my mom had been acting with me and encouraging me and she asked my mom, “Are you Christian.”  I remember my mom getting a huge smile and saying, “Yeah, I am.”  The woman told my mom she could tell there was something different inside of her.

//  Others must look at us and see a treasure in jars of clay.  The responsibility is not on others to trust us and to respond.  The responsibility is on us empowered by the Spirit to tell the good story; to share Jesus with others through what we say and how we live.  The moment our lives hint at a shallowness or fakeness, the moment our faith seems incapable or irrelevant, the moment others catch another one of us in hypocrisy, the moment we fail to help or to rescue, is the moment that the DaVinci Code convinces another soul that the story we have to tell to the nations is false. 

//  We must not miss the fact that the onus is on us.  We all must be witnesses, missionaries wherever we are.

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