OUR ETA: What is church? Part 4

(continued from last post)… So how do we determine our method (figuring-out where and when and what we do)? That’s simple too: the method we use should stem from how we together as a community might best practice life to the fullest by following Jesus and sharing him with others. We must revisit what we are doing and what we will do and when we will do it. How we figure this out involves rethinking our ETA:
re-EQUIP the current methodology: Is this the best method we could use? What limits are there? Do people know how to use it? Would those who have never used it, or have given up on it, want to use this one? Has this method hurt anyone? Can this method be refurnished for the service or action it was intended for or is it done? (See http://www.webster.com/dictionary/equip.)
re-TRIEVE the best of the current methodology: Let’s find again the passion and the purpose behind why we started using this method. Why for a time did this method work well for us? What characteristics of this method truly helped us live to the fullest (values)? What is the purpose that was behind this method (mission)? (See http://www.webster.com/dictionary/retrieve.)
re-APPROACH our mission with the best possible method: What would be the best way forward (vision)? What method is our church currently equipped to pursue? With some help, what method could our church soon be equipped to pursue? What manner might be exciting to those who are not currently being equipped by the church? Is there a bridge that might help us move from our current method to a new vision? (See http://www.webster.com/dictionary/approach.)

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