Dsc02655Dsc02654We are wearing elastic faced smiles today!  A dynamic couple has officially declared their arrival in our fair town.

No, it’s not Bennifer… No, it’s not Brangelina.  It’s Chrisheena!!  Hooray!  OR would they rather be called Sheeris?  I’m not sure.  But we’d be excited for them even if they wanted to be known as Chreena, or Sheenastopher, or Franklyn & Phoebe, or maybe Mr. & Mrs. Milleriams… or even Cool Couple Cascading Con Charisma.

Whatever we decide to call them, we gleefully proclaim from the rooftops the joyous bliss of coming matrimony for Chris Miller and Sheena Williams.  Their life together is certain to be blessed with fun, creativity, joy, and mostly a Jesus-defined union. 

May the Lord shine his face upon you both today!  Philippians 1:1-11 certainly applies to both of you!


  1. As Animal from the Muppets would say:
    Sheena is our favorite person in the world so we are very very content for Chris. Thanks for saying YES, Sheena!

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