Super Lungs: What Makes a Church Healthy: Part 4


The lungs of a healthy church are full and unblemished because of the indwelling, life-giving breath of the Spirit (Genesis 2:7). As we spend intimate time with God the Holy Spirit takes away our frail, spiritual narrowness and our religious constrictions are loosened (Hosea 6:1-2).  Our asthmatic souls are opened by the presence of God (Psalm 42:1; Matthew 11:29).  As a community consumes God’s Word and practices a deepening life of prayer, the Spirit releases limitations and introduces new altitudes (Psalm 18:33).  A breathing church is commissioned to engage dying, polluted environments with the reviving, refreshing life of Jesus (John 20:22). A healthy church doesn’t gasp.  A healthy church breathes deeply.  

This is the fourth part of a series of posts exploring the essential elements that must exist in order for a church to be considered healthy. This material stems from an assignment I completed for my most recent course at ACTS: "Developing a Healthy Church."

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