the gospel according to Nacho Libre

I interrupt this regularly scheduled programming (on church health) for an emergency blog:


Nacho is a simple monk who cooks meals for a mexican orphanage.    He may get pinned when it comes to the ropes of theology… but he does a hyper-flex-body-slam when it comes time to care for orphans. 

While the other monks think Nacho is a goof, Nacho believes that God wants him to do something extradorinary.  And he does.  Si, it’s a little unorthodox for a monk to put on light blue tights and wrestle as a luchadore at night.  Yet his determination and integrity give him a platform to share the love of God with the orphans, not to mention the abundant supply he is able to provide for them through his earnings.

I suspect that many people will never understand the Gospel according to Nacho Libre.  Many will ridicule him.  Many will point and say that he is not serving God righteously.  But I say to all those other Nacho Libre’s out there… Don’t give in!  Pray that God will use you to bless others with his Good News.  I think Nacho pretty much sums it all up when he says with his Ricardo Monteban accent: "They don’t think I know a buttload of crap about the Gospel.  But I do."

Nacho, you know quite a lot about the Gospel.  Jesus would be proud of you.  See:

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