Here’s an old posting of mine from July of 2005.  It’s still contagious!  Pymacitis is a fast-spreading disease…

Smile_1 PYM is like a parasite of fun.  Once it attaches itself to you it grows and festers until your whole immune system is broken down and infected.  Eventually you’re diagnosed with the illness of knowing God, a terrible disease which plagues millions around the globe.  It is an un-terminal illness.  The symptoms effect every aspect of your physical well-being.  Your heart begins pumping forgiveness and joy.  Your muscles start twitching to do good things for others.  You hunger for spiritual nourishment.  Your soul can’t help but to crave more and more of the source of the disease.

May we be diagnosed with the God-illness today.  May we come to understand that he is dwelling within us.  May we realized that our whole life needs to be infected by him.  May we be proud to be carrying around his cross, even though it is a shameful thing in this world.  May we be contagious in our spreading of his love.  May we live with a love-sickness for God today.

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