Flyer1_1 We are so honored to have 25 fully lit Jesus Followers from Northern Ireland causing chaos in our little community of Parksville this month.  Tonight we were on the beach talking to people about our Savior.  There’s little else in this world that’s better than that.

Before that, these guys and girls served all day in work projects.  Sweat, exhaustion, commitment… all a part of their character.  Everyone who has met this team is impressed, and I mean really impressed, by the authenticity of their faith.  It’s so refreshing to see a mass of people sold out for God and not bogged down by the unnecessary and mundane trivia of life.

I’ll write more soon.  For now, do everything you can to pray and encourage these amazing friends of ours.  On Saturday, we plan to have a large outreach at the church building.  Pray that many would come and that we’d see many people drawn closer to Jesus.

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