Stillness in a Spinning World

Rollercoaster On Friday a new baby girl was born to some dear friends.  In the same hospital, on a different ward, a sweet old man died.  On Saturday it rained while we were trying to host a large outreach carnival.  At the same time, God’s peace and joy showered upon us.  On Sunday a prisoner found freedom in Jesus.  In another location, a church-goer chose to let Jesus pass by.   On Monday a student served little kids to the glory of God. Meanwhile another suffered from depression stemming from abuse.

As a pastor, honestly, I often get worn out because of these tremendous waves of life.  The extremes of caring for people in the good and bad can overwhelm me.  At times, on any given day, I feel too weak to carry the burden.  This morning, as I tried to sit in my office for a moment of stillness, the world spun around me. 

“O Lord,” I prayed, “is there one word from you that can cover all of these circumstances?  Is there one consistent thing to which I can point others?  Is there one constant I can rest upon?”

The Lord answered me this morning.  Philippians 4:23.  “May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.”

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