The Secret of Contentment

Philippians 4 is jammed full of amazing nuggets.  It’s a treasure trove of practical life direction.  For years verses 6-7 have been the driving force behind my faith.  This week, the whole chapter seems to be compelling my life forward.  I didn’t realize how puny my awareness of God’s guidance was… and I still don’t understand how tiny my awareness is.  But I am learning this week that my grasp on concepts of a faith-directed life is wee small. 

One example from these 23 verses: Contentment in every situation.  Paul has learned the secret to be content whatever the circumstances.  Do you know how far from content I am?!  Do you know how often I worried about something today, or fretted over somebody, or trembled for an outcome?  Do you know how many times I tried to take control of a conversation or an outcome without trusting it to God first? 

A life of contentment seems remote.  It is a distant holiday.  It is something I must schedule into my busy office life.  Contentment is a state I want to visit but can’t seem to find the time to get there.  But in this deep belly breath, praying and pondering over the condition of my life- which involves uncertainties, uncontrollable outcomes, unending potentials, unwanted concerns, unlimited joys- I find that what I truly desire is contentment.  I yearn to live everyday in the confidence and identity of my Savior, finding my sustenance from his hand.  So, like Paul, whether have much or little, I can face anything and tackle everything through his power.

The secret of contentment lies in the flowing words of Paul’s final written thoughts to the Philippian believers.  God gives the power to face everything in this life.  God gives the peace to withstand every situation.  God gives the grace to finish the race victoriously.  The God of peace will be with you (v9) and the Lord of grace will be with you (v23).  And that gifted reality, my friends, is how we receive God’s dynamic dynamite dynamos strength.

Well, sorry for the ramblings.  Just wanted to be content in God’s Word for a while with you…

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