God’s Way of Working

I found this great quote from an old little booklet in my library.  I was impressed to discover it was written by a dear friend in our church, a retired missionary named David Evans.  The booklet is entitled: "God’s Way of Working" and it is a reflection from Zechariah chapter 4.  Here’s just a taste of what the Lord compelled David to write so many years ago while on staff with Africa Evangelical Fellowship regarding verse 6- "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts":

"If we are to begin the Christian life at all, we must recognise that God’s work is done by his Spirit not by the power of man.  We cannot even commence the Chrsitian life until we see that no beginning of any kind can be made unless God Himself initiates it… It is a deep work dealing with my sinful heart; it is a gracious work, giving me a life I did not possess before.  Above all it is a costly work, involving the mysterious agony of Calvary’s cross, but it is God’s work in which I had no hand, save to receive its benefits.  Again, if we are to be victorious in our Christian lives, we must recognise that God’s work is done by his Spirit, not by the power of man."

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