Where can we go to get away from God?  Even if I hide myself in the deep freezer (not a good idea, by the way), he will be near.  Even if I go past Pluto, he will be near.  Even if I crawl through the Parksville sewers, or climb into the highest cave on Mount Arrowsmith, God is near.  He is present in the nastiest of places, and he is there in the most beautiful.  He is as close to me in the brightness of the desert as he is in the darkness of the rainforest.

     His nearness makes my heart pound.  It’s like how I feel about Kathy.  When she is near to me, I feel like I’m going to vomit butterflies!  When I know she is going to be near me soon, I am breathless with pounding anticipation.  The Lord’s nearness should do that to all of us in the depth of our souls.  So why do I pretend so often that God isn’t close by?  Or why do I sometimes convince myself that God is far off somewhere?

     Well, God is far off somewhere.  He is distant.  But he is also very very close.  He is far off and near by.

     Philippians 4:5 says simply, the Lord is near.  He is close by in both space and time.  I love God’s question to us in Jeremiah 23:23-24.  God says, "Am I a God who is only in one place?  Can anyone hide from me?  Am I not everywhere in all the heavens and earth?"  He is here.  Beside me.  Right now.  He was also right beside me as I wrote this blog.  He will be beside me still even when you log off your computer.  He was and is and is to come… everywhere, anywhere, over here, under there.  Underwear?

     And when he comes near… watch out.  Make sure that you’re ready for him.  His nearness will bring you either heart pounding joy or soul stopping fear.  If you live a life that doesn’t want God near to you… sorry, but that won’t end up too good.  Because God is everywhere.  Where can you go to get away from God?  No where.  So don’t try to figure out where no is.


  1. It occurs to me, that I am full of fear when God’s near. It’s not that I am full of Scubalah…it’s more like. Fear/Awe/Reverence/Trembling.
    I don’t think we can really fully grasp this concept, well I can’t anyway.
    I find that our God, is a God of infinaty. Infinate love, infinate power, infinate wonder, infinate grace, infinate nearness.
    Endless…God is a mystery. And He is near.

  2. Right on, Mark. The Lord is near. You are a budding biblical brainiac! The Lord is near. It definately would do my heart good to remember this in between every sentence. The Lord is near. It keeps me from sinning! The Lord is near. And it keeps me sweet. The Lord is near. Brilliant indeed.

  3. Ken this is so cool!
    I love that the way it says “The Lord is near” right in the middle of the passage.
    It’s just four words sandwiched between two points. I think we should just say this in between sentances in our canversations…

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