Prayer for my family

My thoughts are with my grandmother today.  My mom’s mom had at least one heart attack this week and is now quite fragile in hospital back in Indiana.  My mom and dad are driving up there as I write.  She’s a good stubborn Methodist, my grandma.  She’s been trying to earn her way to heaven for her whole life.  Even now she’s apparently making a fuss that everyone is making such a fuss about her.  Let them take care of you, Madeline.  And let God’s grace poor over you during this difficult time.

It’s been quite a health focused week for us.  Our youngest son ripped his fingernail off and somehow cut his bottom in the shower.  Our oldest son fell from the monkey bars and got his leg caught in the ladder rungs and his left arm bent under his body weight.  Amazingly he didn’t break anything.  On Wednesday I found myself sitting in the emergency room while Kathy got checked out for a medical concern.  Thankfully she’s ok now. 

Would you all pray for our family?  I don’t want the enemy to rattle us, but I’m sure he’s trying.  There’s enough going on to stress us out right now (my resignation, selling our house, moving, school starting for the boys, job searching).  Yikes!  I am praying that during this time the Holy Spirit will protect and care for our family.  Thanks for praying for us!


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