the gravity of depravity

Apple_160 Gravity pulls everybody down.  It restricts us from being truly free.  It keeps you from reaching to the heavens in praise.  Gravity makes us over-weight.  Gravity makes us hurt when we fall.  Gravity is this week making my son afraid to take his training wheels off… hindering him from discovering the holy goodness of riding a bike.  Gravity makes old bodies sag, makes drains drip, and makes me want to be lazy. 

It wasn’t always so, but in this messed up world, gravity has come to be connected to depravity.  You see, at one point in history, nearer to the beginning of time than now, depravity caused distortion in the gravitational field— spiritually speaking.  In a collossal attack, depravity seized the created goodness of gravity and has ever since abused its power for its constraining purposes.  Defeating us, depravity utilizes the power of gravity to eventually pull every single one of us rag-tag soldiers down into the grave.

The heavy truth is that the wages of sin is death.  Prior to sin, gravity was our friend.  It was good.  God even said so.  He separated the expanses of space, sky, land, water and declared it all to be excellent.  We can still catch glimpses of the created goodness of gravity in moments like downhill skiing (before the FALL!).  But like idiots jumping out of an airplane thinking we didn’t really need a parachute, we messed it all up.  And so now, during our lives we find ourselves resisting the subtle advances of gravity against us.  And so eventually, at the end of our lives we find ourselves being conquered by the depravity of gravity as our mortal bodies are lowered into its clutches.  Immersed in death, held tight in its grasp.

But gravity, even depraved gravity, is no match for the strength of our Creator God!  While we were dead in our sin, firmly in the bowells of the earth, Jesus came to the lower reaches, where gravity is most powerful, and he moved about freely.  He advanced against the depraved earth and collided head on with it.  He wrestled gravity, teasing it, allowing it to think it was winning… and then he beat the snot out of it.  He drop-kicked it.  Like David cutting off the head of Goliath and shouting with all of his might, Jesus decapitated the depraved enemy and rose triumphantly from the battle.

Jesus is recreating what’s good.  And the Good News today is that we follow a God who can save us from the clutches of death.  We follow Jesus Christ, the Creator, the Conquerer, the Slayer of the Gravity’s gravely depravity.  Amen.

Romans 6 // We know that we will share in the new life of Christ.  We are sure of this because Christ rose from the dead, and he will never die again.  Death no longer has any power over him.  He died once to defeat sin, and now he lives for the glory of God.


  1. Brilliant Ken,
    There is nothing better than pugging in your heart and your mind together!
    Man did Jesus ever kick the snot out of gravity…
    The snake stuck his heel- but then he crushed the snot out of the snake!
    If I wrote “The Message” that’s what I would say.
    (Oh yeah…I was wondering, did Mr. Peterson write the old testament yet ken?”
    Love and Peace.
    (I’m going to go blow my nose now.)

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