Lg7477_1I’m stupid if I don’t play lego with my son today.  Yeah, lego is super expensive… but it’s amazing!  And it is the framework within which I can be with my boy.  I think I’ve figured out a way to buy some lego… but I’ve got to be willing to go through a conversion experience to do it. 

I’ve got some foreign currency I could exchange.   I’ve got some pesos, some yen, some liras.  It’s worth probably somewhere around $100.  Not much… but enough to buy a couple dino attack sets.  And this funny money isn’t doing me any good.  I have been kinda proud of it in the past- you know, showing it off like a treasure to a few easily impressed visitors.  But I’m beginning to think of it now more as space-taking baggage, rubbish, skubula.  I could actually get it converted and go buy a couple lego sets for Zac.  Then he and I could build them together on the floor of his room, spending several hours as son and dad.  That’s a priceless conversion.  If I don’t do it, I’m skubula.

I’ve become convicted by these silly foreign coins this morning while praying before the sermon today.  It’s not just the funny coins either.  I’m wondering today: is there more stuff that I still hang on to that is ultimately worthless if I keep it?  Are there parts of my own life that I have not yet handed over to Jesus in excange for his grace?  When I prayed to invite Jesus into my heart (26 years ago!), did I perhaps not let him fully in?  Have I not given him full run of my soul?  Are there still things, areas, that I’m keeping for myself?  Do I pride myself in the keeping of these things?  The answer, disgustingly, to all these questions is yes.

For the sermon today I’ve been imbibing the idea of conversion.  Acts 9: Saul goes from persecuting Jesus to praying to Jesus.  He goes from believing that Jesus meant death to proclaiming that Jesus is life.  He goes from considering his accomplishments as great to considering them as loss, as rubbish, as skubula (Phil 3).  Saul didn’t go through a sinner’s prayer decision night and then leave it there.  Saul changed.  And I mean transformed.  He took what he had and completely forever exchanged it for everything Jesus had to give him in return.

It’s time to go exchange my coins for some lego!

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