Kathy got her flashbang cut out

Thanks for praying.  Kathy’s surgery went "better than anticipated" and she is recovering.  It was a long day of red tape and false calls… I was sent to three different floors and about 12 different nursing stations before I found somebody who knew where Kathy was and how she was doing.  But during that awkward time of waiting, I had the blessing of reading all of Mark Steele’s excellent book, Flashbang.  It’s one of the more enjoyable books I’ve read for quite a while.  As I sat at the foot of Kathy’s bed squeezing her feet to make sure she was still ticklish and hadn’t been dehumorized by tubes sticking out of her, I was laughing.  Laughing is a great thing in a hospital.  One of the more effective methods of healing… next to medicine and surgical procedures.  Here’s an example of how inticingly funny Flashbang is:

The parakeet was blue.  And afraid.  Blue and afraid.  And his excrement looked like those little kernals in salami, of which I am no longer fond.

And here’s an example of how the book was such an encouraging read for me today:

Following Jesus is irony.  Always has been.  Be last to be first.  Give to receive.  Be weak to be strong.  Get under His freedom to get over yourself.  As a follower of Jesus, I will never truly affect the world with His love until I get over my own desires and needs, my desperation and petty bickering- anything I cling to in order to feel better- to feel freer… It’s time to cut myself open and remove the remains of the flashbang once for all.

You’ll have to read the book to understand "flashbang," but I can say quickly that it’s something that looks powerful, but actually has no real substance behind it.  Kathy was cut open to remove a part of herself that was keeping her from living freely.  I, me, you, we must do the same in our souls…

Thanks for praying!  Keep it up.

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