prison break

11820536_1 Peter couldn’t believe it.  The church couldn’t believe it.  Rhoda the servant girl couldn’t believe it.  The guards couldn’t believe it.  Herod couldn’t believe it.  I can hardly believe it!  Everybody seems to be amazed when God does his thing.  And no body sees it coming!  Even though everybody’s looking for an escape attempt, no body can figure out how its going to be done.  Except God.  He can figure it out.  He’s the mastermind behind the whole scheme. 

Lots of cool prison break stuff happens in Acts 12:  Herod kills James (well, that’s not cool), the crowds are delighted, so Herod arrests Peter on the anniversary of Jesus’ crucifixion, guards keep watch, iron gates are shut tight, an angel suddenly appears in the middle of the jail, a great light shields him, Peter’s chains fall off, Peter follows specific orders to get out alive, the first automatic door opener in history is used, all while the church has started a 24-7 prayer gathering to pray for Peter’s situation.  Is it coincidence that all this happens while the church starts praying?  No way!

Prayer causes prison breaks.   Prayer is powerful.  Prayer is mightier than iron gates, stone walls and 16 Roman guards.  Prayer is more powerful than any edict from the most evil king.  And still we are too dumfounded to open the door to let Jesus do his thing.  Prayer casts off our chains.  Prayer sheds light on our way.  Prayer instructs us.  Actually, God does all this stuff through our prayer, while we pray, because of prayer…  Why don’t we pray more!?!?! 

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