55d727cd2c2741dcbeb5c469857dbd46_1 2d83848b21ce4f4e96c8e7a91b3ce99f  Take a look at Peyton Manning… What more must I say about Leadership?  Team approach.  Serve with heart.  Take a hit.  Get back up.  Orchestrate the play.  Glorify your colaborors.  Give others respect.  Lift others up.  Do it all with integrity.

Way to go Colts!  8-0!


  1. So I was just doing some homework, and then I said to myself. “Self…boy oh boy do I ever miss Ken.” And then I told Gareth who was playing his trombone in my room about it and he said “Yeah, self, (myself that is) we even owe him babysitting hours.”
    Then I remembered you still haven’t taken us up on those babysitting hours(Stanley is even certified by the way…whatever that means…) So, the offer is still open according to my-self. I mean, of course, if you are scared I will wreck Benji some more- I fully understand.
    That’s all.
    Love and Peace.

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