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6a00c11413d9c5819d00c2251c13928fdb500pi_1 Why do we draw a box around our "spiritual" time?  How can we divide our life into spiritual and unspiritual activities or habits?  Crowder goes on:

"It is my belief that we were made to paise and that the original intentions for it might have been bigger and sweeter than most of us have dreamed or that a scheduled moment could properly contain.  We find ourselves in a dynamic, fluid relationship with the divine, where there is such a perpetual movement and flow that a static, formulaic approach undermines and lessens what could exist.  It is hamburger stuck in our esophagus.  We were meant for evey moment to be fully alive with this dynamic relating and vibrant presence of hope in finding our Maker near us.  Again, nothing is nonspiritual.  Grasping this does not diminish the necessity of our disciplines: it only brings to them more depth and beauty." (Crowder, Praise Habit, p. 34.)


  1. Hey Ken. Interesting stuff. I love what he said: “nothing is nonspiritual”. I’ll have to sit on that one for a while.
    Finally found my way to your site. It was really nice to have you over a few weeks ago & get to know you a bit. Blessings.

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