habits 5

6a00c11413d9c5819d00c2251c13928fdb500pi_4Wherever we are right now, in three hours, in six days, in four weeks, etc, etc.  Wherever we are- we are supposed to be right here, right there, ready for God’s presence and passion.  Crowder says this:

"We are to be rescue.  We are to be redemption.  We are to carry the story of God to the ones waiting.  To the ones with their hands on their chest, begging you to notice that things aren’t right.  And this is praise.  You are the note sounding in a thousand different rooms.  There are chords and reflective surfaces around you.  There is context… To be fully present in the rescue and recreation of Christ is to embrace what God does for us, and this is the best thing we can do for Him."  (Crowder, Praise Habit, pp. 155-6.)

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