Nacho Libre reigns

Nacho_libre_ver2 Nacho Libre has earned a spot in my ultimate movie list (somewhere around The Three Amigos, Napoleon Dynamite, and The Princess Bride if you must know).  In the movie, there is a selfish king of the wrestling ring called Ramses.  Everyone comes to pay homage to Ramses, kissing up to him and offering him praise.  Ramses is the king of all wrestlers and can’t be defeated.

But then comes along the unexpected true king.  Nacho Libre is a humble monk who desires to serve for the benefit of some orphans.  If he were to win a title match against Ramses, he could provide an abundant life for the orphans of his monastery.  So Nacho fights Ramses in a massive Royal Rumble, the world’s king versus the true king.  The crowd is in awe as the watch Nacho Libre, the true king who has come, display his amazing power.  It isn’t long before the true king kicks Ramses’ rear end into the bleachers.

It’s a story that mimics a true biblical event. In Acts 12, King Herod is holding court on his throne.  Like a gaudy wrestler entering the ring, Herod wore his royal robes and spun around for everyone to gawk and cheer.  People from all over are paying him homage and praise.  Herod gives his wrestling rant, promoting himself assuredly and probably not encouraging respect for God, his opponent.  After Herod speaks, the crowd responds with exaltation, "Is that the voice of a god?"  Herod, proud of his power, however is stunned when the music changes, the smoke rises, the lights begin to flash.  All of the sudden the true king, the Almighty God, unexpectedly enters the arena ready to fight.  God’s name has been questioned and he’s come to defend his true title.  Herod has no chance… and he is immediately pile-driven and then tossed limply into the bleachers.  And God rightfully takes his place as champion.  Amen.

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