Job 38:1–  Then the Lord answered Job out of the storm…Storm7 Storm1_1 Storm2_1 Storm3_1 Storm4  

There must have been 500 trees down between Parksville and Port Alberni.  The road through Cathedral Grove was closed yesterday, so I worked from home.  I could see today from the 35 mile drive that the devestation was considerable.  It’s amazing what 12hrs of 65mph winds and 125mm rains can do to 200ft trees and 2000ft mountain sides.  No one was killed, thankfully, though many homes and cars and stores were damaged by falling towers of wood and rising walls of water.  It’s a good day to read Job 38 and consider our status before God.

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  1. Yeah, we had a pretty wild day yesterday didn’t we? The storm thing is really pretty cool. I mean, fear God, and bam, worship God. It’s kinda neat the way He shakes things up for us sometimes. However, my opinion really doesn’t count- because I didn’t loose a fence or a padio or anything.
    Check this one out-
    “Who endowed the heart with wisdom or gave undrestanding to the mind.” Job 38:36
    Alright, hope your safe bro.
    Next one is Sunday I think.
    Looking forward to it…

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