The Real Chicken/The Rubber Chicken

22520_deluxe_rubber_chick I thought I would bless the world with one of my boy’s short stories.  He’s given me permission to publish this one.  It’s called The Real Chicken/The Rubber Chicken and explains how the real fluffy white chickens turn into those ugly floppy rubber ones:


One day at the farm, all the chickens were pecking out on the ground… seeds.  One chicken spilt his seed out of a hole in the fence.  There was a cool forest, but it was a forest that could turn animals into rubber animals!  The chicken went in.  He felt funny and then he feel asleep.  He awoke two minutes later and a rubber tiger was right in front of him.  "Good morning, sleeping beauty," said the tiger.   "What! said the chicken, "I am all rubber!"  "Well, that is why you are in the rubber forest," said the tiger."  "Noooo!" said the chicken.  "But maybe I might like it here.  Mayber I will stay."  And he did!  THE END.

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