Serving and Equipping the Next Generations… in Calgary?

Calgary3 I’m off today (American Thanksgiving) to Calgary for a final interviewing weekend at Brentview Baptist.  God has let us connect with the team there and has been growing a desire within us to join them in reaching the vast numbers of young adults in Calgary.   If all works out, I’ll be serving and equipping stampeding college students, post grads and young marrieds in the new year.  Brentview is right across the street from the U of Calgary and has a significant ministry and huge potential among the 18-35 group.  Brentview is also across the street from Starbucks… a percolating temptation.   I am beginning to understand this as a great opportunity to serve and equip the next generations in such a way that a movement of Jesus Followers is catalyzed all around Canada and… the world.  I hope that doesn’t sound cliche… Because in many ways, this opportunity couldn’t be scripted any better for me.

One bummer right now is that Kathy won’t be ready to travel because of her surgery.  We had hoped she would be well enough, but Kathy’s had some complications in her recovery.  Kathy and I visited Brentview a few weeks ago- so she knows what we’re getting into.  Thankfully, Kathy is fine today, but will be resting at home.  My mom will be staying with her to help with Ben and Elly. 

The good news is that Zachary will be going with me, experiencing his first set of intensive interviews at the age of eight!  I’m really pumped to be spending this time with my boy.  If I could only have one person go with me this weekend (who wasn’t Kathy) it would be Zac.  He’s at the perfect age and has the best personality to hang out with his dad all weekend.  Hopefully we’ll get to the zoo so he can see the dinosaurs (in the snow?!).   

Thanks for your prayers.  Through all of this transition in 2006 Kathy and I have done nothing more than try to follow God’s lead.  It’s encouraging to think that what began in January has led us to where we are now.  This has been a blessed year… even though it has been one of the most difficult for us.  Elly’s birth, Kathy’s complicated health, changes and uncertainties at Parksville, my resignation, interim at Arrowsmith, Kathy’s hysterectomy & recovery, preparing to move, and now the possibility of partnering in ministry in Calgary.  We feel blessed by God and his Church.  He has given us so much peace through it all, and he has encouraged us steadily through the love and care of so many.  Thanks God!


  1. Paul! Thanks man, if all works, we’d get you set up somehow… though brentview has no building. it’s under construction. hope we can set up a bucks run together.

  2. Hey brother. Alberta…it ain’t no West Coast, but it ain’t that bad. Course…this weekend is spose to be in the negative 20’s…but don’t let it phase ya, just make sure to dress warm. All the cool Parksville kids are moving out here anyway…from what I hear.

  3. hey ken, this sounds like a great fit for you guys!
    I hope it works out ’cause our youth group will be needing a place to stay for our spring break youth trip in Calgary… šŸ™‚
    and to start the morning off with a Buck’s would be great! have fun chillin with Zac big daddy…

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