my eyelashes froze today

Img_0486 okay.  so today it’s -20.  besides a snowfall in the morning (like in the photo above), the sun has been out all day.  i actually just wore some layers with a hooded sweatshirt on the outside.  zac is loving the snow and begging me to get a sled from walmart.

we’re having a good time.  i’m really enjoying the people of brentview.  we could feel quickly at home among this church family.  tonight should be a great time- it’ll be an open-forum question/answer time hosted at rocky mountain college, across the street from brentview’s building.  tomorrow morning i’ll say a few words in both services… then in the evening i’ll spend time with the campus/post-grad/young marrieds/et al that attend a new sunday night thingy.  all in all it’s been good so far, though i have a few questions of my own that need some clarification.  i’m trusting God to make those wonderings of mine clear enough. 

thanks for your continued prayers as God directs us through all of this.  kathy is improving steadily at home and my southern mama, who came up to help kathy mend, is enjoying some slushy snowfall on the island.  thanks for all of you who are remembering us during this crazy time.  in Jesus,  -ken

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