my breath froze today

Img_0475 Okay, so it’s -16 today in Calgary.  That’s kinda cold.  Zac loved it… until he couldn’t feel his toes anymore.  But we did have a good day despite the frozen nostril hair.  We found a Tim Horton’s and got warm.  We stopped by Brentview’s temporary office/bombshelter.  We visited the Science World where we made things out of lego and Zac pretended he was in space.  And then we had a great get-together with several people from the church.  Good day.- Tomorrow is full– Prayer breakfast, kids event that Zac’s attending and then an evening question/answer time for the church.  Thanks for praying for us.Img_0470_1 Img_0472_1


  1. Hi Tyler its me Zac. In this part of Calgary it is Alberta. There is a lot of snow here. I can’t believe it! Me and dad were throwing snowballs. See you later! love Zac.

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