Img_0513_1 So it hit -25 yesterday.  Today should be the same.  Snow.  Cold.  That’s Calgary.  Are we crazy for thinking this could be our future home?  Yes.  We are crazy.  Fools. 

But so are the Brentview folks it seems.  They’re convinced that God actually wants to use them to make a difference in people’s lives!  So convinced, in fact, they’ve torn apart their church building and are meeting in a school- all for the sake of growing deeper with Jesus and reaching out to the world.  They pack and unpack their gear in a trailer each week while their upgraded facility is being built.  It’s a church family exercising the instability of following God’s lead and discovering that there is no more stable existence than that.

Zac and I have a had a great time out here meeting so many Jesus Followers who are intrigued and ready to invest in what God wants to do among them.  If God wants us here we’d be idiots to not come.  He has convinced me that he’s doing great stuff out here and that has yet some more incredible stuff in mind to do.  It has been encouraging to see that the wisdom and scope of God’s plan is deep at work in this bitterly cold, desperately dry place.  (My lips feel like iguana skin, it’s so dry!)

Zac and I head back to the island tonight.  Can’t wait to see Kathy and the gang.  We’re going to sit down, talk, and pray about what’s ahead, knowing that our knees need to kneel now. 

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