Mrs. Whale

Whale Another short story by Zachary Castor:

Mrs. Whale was feeling funny today when I went to her house.  I wondered what was wrong.  I went to get my swimming gear on and I went to go get my other under-sea pals.  First, I got Porci, the porcupine fish.  Then I got Legs, the octopus.  And finally, I got Big Tooth, the shark.  We tried to figure out what was the matter with Mrs. Whale.  We figured that it was her birthday and no one made her a birthday cake!  We made her one and ran over to her house.  We opened the door and… "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"  "It’s not my birthday," said Mrs. Whale.  "If I was looking funny, it is because I am having babies."  "Ha Ha Ha!" we all laughed.  "And we thought it was your birthday!"

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