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Img_0451 Today we called Dave Spate, the Senior Pastor at Brentview Baptist Church, and officially said ‘yes.’  That means we’ll be moving to Calgary in January and I’ll begin on February 4 as a pastor to campus, post-grad and young marrieds.  It’s a big job and a huge opportunity to raise up this next generation of ministry leaders.  We feel blessed and honored to have connected with the people of Brentview and look forward to many years of fruitful shepherding.

Dave’s first reaction was, "Good, that means you guys are crazy.  That fits well into out team."  I’m not sure if that means the rest of the staff is insane too, or if we complete the missing crazy aspect to the group.  Whatever the case, we believe that God will use our passions, gifts and experiences to impact hundreds of people for Jesus.  Kathy and I are also quite thrilled about the family lifestyle we anticipate having in Calgary.  Our two amazing boys and our newly acquired cutie girl should grow up well there.

Many thanks to all of you who have been praying for us.  We have been so encouraged by so many over the last 11 months.  Please keep praying too.  Kathy is recovering from her surgery and is doing well.  We will be putting our house on the market this weekend, and we’ll need to find a place to live plus schools for the kiddos in Calgary.  Blessings in Jesus be yours.  -ken


  1. Thanks everyone. One of the cool things about this blog is being connected to so many people all around the world. Paul is in northern BC, Steve and Becci and Anne are in N.Ireland, Tim is in Germany. I got email responses to this post from people in Minnesota, Indiana, Alberta, Vancouver Island, central BC, etc. Thanks to all of you for your prayer and encouragement through all of this. Keep up the comments!

  2. well ken, i’ll definitely have to take a road trip next summer to visit you! i continue to pray for you and kathy…you guys are amazing, such example to all the young people that know you as you follow God’s leading around the bend.
    love in christ,

  3. every year with Jesus is such an incredible adventure…
    i love your passion for embracing opportunities of risk which will ultimately make your already deep faith even more deeply rooted.
    I guess we’re good to go for coffee in Calgary sometime in March then?

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