HOPE from the NAUGHTY SEAT part 6

Heroes_hiro Photo from Heroes.

The light of Jesus Christ will shine forever. There will be no end to his brilliance and warmth. He distributes justice and righteousness, goodness and Good News, from the announcement of his birth until forever. God in his passion makes sure of this.

So the angels could offer hope when the child was born, when the son was given. For in a world that had known so much darkness the great light had dawned. So the angel could say to shepherds, “don’t be afraid. For I bring you Good news of great joy for everyone! For today unto you has been born a Savior in the town of David. He is Christ- the Lord.”

It’s true.  For those walking in the darkness, there is HOPE today. Jesus Christ.  “Then you will call and the Lord will answer; You will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I.” -Isaiah 58:9

(This now concludes our cute little Hope from the Naughty Seat posting series. Thank you for not kicking and screaming. Many of you have asked me why I used photos from the NBC show Heroes on these ‘Naughty Seat’ postings. There’s a simple answer… but it’ll have to wait for some other post on some other day. However, you’re invited to comment your guess- and maybe I’ll have to give a prize to you if you comment correctly.)

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