Last day with Arrowsmith

Img_0529 This Sunday will be our last at Arrowsmith Baptist.  I’ve had a great time for the last ten weeks with this remarkable church family.  They have loved me like one of their own, even though it was only to be such a short experience.  I am so impressed with their fellowship, their humble love for one another, their joy, and their longing to see people in the Alberni valley give their lives to Jesus.  What a great church!  I’ve enjoyed so many things since first talking to Ben Potter on the phone on August 7.  Here are some highlights: preaching each Sunday, truly-fun elder’s meetings, brainstorming with Lee, participating in worship (Lee does an amazing job at leading us in this!), working behind the scenes with the Christmas banquet, hanging out with SSA (Sue, Sandy, Andrea) in the office, praying with BIBLE (Ben, Irene, Bernice, Lee) before Sunday services, and the commute through Cathedral Grove and over the Hump (see photo).  It’s been fun to see attendance at their highest levels on Sundays and seeing so many new people becoming interested in this great church family.  My heart and prayers will be ever with Arrowsmith.  I want you to know how much you have encouraged and strengthened me during this wild transition period.  Thanks for allowing us the privelege to serve with you- and I look forward to seeing some of you in Calgary and interacting with you on this blog!  Kathy and I thank God for you and for your short-term investment in us- it has paid tremendous returns in our hearts.

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