the slurpee approach to ministry

Wall2_1024  "True discipleship is done over doughnuts and slurpees."

– Jordan VanTol, youth pastor at Albion Fellowship in Maple Ridge, BC.

I’ve been grading Jordan’s papers for a youth ministry course he’s taking through the Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) at ACTS/Northwest Baptist Seminary in Langely.  I loved this slurpee quote from his last assignment.  The paper was actually an academic reflection on balanced ministry programming… and I think he hits on a major concept here.  While meetings and office time are sometimes necessary to accomplish ministry, it’s not healthy to be restrained by these.  Instead of spending time in the office or with your nose in the latest ministry gimmick book, Jordan says that we need to actually get out there and spend quality time with people.  Some might question whether slurpees and doughnuts qualify as quality… but I would agree wholeheartedy with Jordan’s principle.  I think Jesus might have enjoyed getting brain freezes with us and laughing at our blue tongues.

For fun, check out the official Slurpee website.


  1. Right on, Tim. Spending time with others goes a long way to showing them the love of Christ. Can’t fake faith when you actually spend personal time with people over a few seasons of time. By the way, what do you prefer to drink in Germany for ministry: slurpees, coffee, or something else?

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