12 reasons why i prefer the term “Jesus Follower”

Follow_me I found this cool little blog link: "12 Reasons I prefer the term ‘Jesus Follower’" by John Smulo.


  1. Great points Paul. I would never deny being a Christian… but I feel the need to explain that word today. I guess I want to qualify the term… For many people, “Christian” doesn’t necessarily mean what it meant in the book of Acts- it’s how local people talked about the church community in Antioch-Syria. “Christian” was a label stuck on these men and women who were dynamic in their faith and sold-out for telling others about Christ. I don’t think it means that same thing anymore.

  2. i think this is yet another attempt at defining who we are with words when we should be defined by who we are, not by who we say we are.
    although i like the list, the likelihood of bumping into someone who, when you said you were a “Jesus Follower”, this list of 12 reasons came to their mind, is nearly impossible.
    i understand his desire for clarity and to avoid stereotypes, but in some sense I wish people who were truly following Jesus WOULD call themselves Christians because it may have some redemptive qualities for those who have been misunderstood or offended by so-called Christians.
    maybe i’m old school, but like God who, although very misunderstood by even his own people, didn’t try to redefine himself, but rather became incarnate, so too we Christians should not necessarily flee from the stereotype but attempt to define it correctly within our sitz em liben.
    i suppose, as is suggested in James, that “when someone asks to give an answer for the hope that [I] have,” i would be able to describe it in terms that are helpful to the person asking the question. in that sense i do appreciate where this article is pointing.

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