Peace on a rainy day

W020041026794046416512 My Greek prof taught me fifteen years ago to use little gimmicks to help me remember the meaning of words.  For instance, the Greek word for ‘sin’ is pronounced "ham-er-teen-o".  So I would imagine hitting a teenager on the head with a hammer.  That would be a bad thing to do, which would remind me of ‘sin.’ 

Even better is the Greek word for peace.  It’s pronounced "eh-rain-eh".  This one was easy to do.  Peace on a rainy day.  And immediately I would remember that no matter what is happening, no matter how life is pouring down on me… I can have peace even on a rainy day because Jesus has come to earth. 

That’s why the angels could say "and on earth peace to men."  That’s why Paul could say "and the peace of God which passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds."  Because heaven has come to earth, I can have peace.  It’s what every beauty contestant wishes for: "world peace."  It’s what Jesus has brought and what he wants us to pray to receive.

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