Happy Birthday to Elly!

Img_0693 Eliana turns the big ONE today.  She is probably the greatest one-year-old in the world.  We are so thankful to have her in our family, especially after all Kathy went through to give her life.  Thank you, Jesus, for our precious little daughter.  We pray that she will bring glory and honor to your name!

Of course, Elly doesn’t know it’s her birthday.  She just drools and laughs and sleeps and tries to walk.  She enjoyed a boat ride in the Florida Keys today with her mom and dad and brothers, as well as cousin Jamie and Papa Mader.  Benji caught a little brown thing that looks like a shark, but Elly didn’t see it because she was snoring.  Happy Birthday cutie!


  1. Thanks Sue! Yeah, we’ve got a ton of changes going on all around us. Travelling seems to fit into our transitional lifestyle right now. We appreciate your thoughts. We pray that God blesses you right back!

  2. Sure miss you guys but am thankful I clicked the URL to see what’s been happening with the family since you left God’s other side of the continent. Reading this site makes me feel like you’re not that far after all. God bless and happy and safe travel!

  3. Thanks Deanne and Anne and Kathy. It has been a rollercoaster year! Fun and throw-uppy all at the same time. I’m writing right now from a Marriott in Orlando, waiting to fight the tide of people tomorrow at Animal Kingdom. We are so thankful for everyday we have together.

  4. hey ken! weird to think that i’m the one on vancouver island and you’re in florida! please wish your family (specially kathy) a belated merry christmas and wishing you the best in 2007…2006 has been a rollarcoaster (maybe not the kind ben wanted!) but God has been faithful… thinking of you and your family.

  5. Thanks James!
    We look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks. I still need to get tickets! Could you email me the dates again? We really appreciate your prayers and thoughts. Hope everyone is geared up for the retreat.

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