The dilemma of shorts and shoes

Shoes So I went to Super-Target in Orlando tonight to buy some comfortable walking shoes for our week at Disney.  I stood there looking at all these cheap cool shoes for under $30.  There were indoor-soccer-style brown swede shoes, sweet-looking sandals and water-proof-alligator-tooth-proof hiking boots.  But I found myself absolutely confused.  After years of living in Canada, I have forgotten what kind of shoes a stylish person is supposed to wear with shorts.  Does a person buy red and black running shoes to wear with dark green baggy shorts?  How about white socks with sandals?  Are white tennis shoes cool at all?  Those brown shoes with the silver stripes look kinda cool– except that they might look silly next to my skinny ankles and hairy knees. 

All of this uncertainty created a fear deep within me!  I became scared that I would end up walking down Main Street USA and shaking the hand of Mickey Mouse and find myself dressing just like him!  I want to look good, not because I’m conceited, but because I am so naturally dorky.  I have to work at putting on the appearance of cool.  So I stood in deer-headlight pose gawking at the rows of shoes in Super-Target. 

I sat down and pondered my dilemma.  How did my fashion sense become so far removed from smooth action?  And then, while my feet hung out and the dozen boxes of shoes lay scattered all over the floor, the question of church hit me.  Is this how people feel who stopped going to church?  Is it this awkward to try church on again… to find the right style and size and the right place to buy it from?  How do we help people step back in?  What are we expecting people to step into?  Any thoughts out there?

(P.S. Thanks to Stephanie for watching our house!!!)

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  1. Ken you’ve got a great sense pf style!!
    Although that could come from your beautiful wife. j/k
    Hope you are all having a wonderful time on the sunny east/south coast. Everything in P-Ville is going well, it’s even sunny today. Yeah.
    My prayers are with you all. enjoy your last little bit.

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