Snuggled into our Savior

Img_0705 Everything can be moving around you.  Waves can toss you up and down, make your stomach churn, give you dizziness in your steps.  Winds can rip through the air around you.  Exotic eye-catchers seem to glimmer at every turn.  Strange and tempting opportunities lay under the surface.  People may whiz by you on every side and in all directions.  And still… you can be completely guarded in peace.

I love this picture of our Benjamin with his papa from the Florida Keys last week.  We were out boating when Benji decided that the most desirable thing to do would be to snuggle up to his papa.  He cuddled in, got comfy, and within minutes was resting calm.  Nothing in the world could have shaken his peace at that moment.  He had his papa watching over him… and the warmth and shalom of that moment was all he needed… and all he wanted.

With our God there is this kind of peace.  Psalm 23.  Philippians 4.  John 15.  We shall not be in want with our Creator and Savior because we when we snuggly remain in him we are guarded with his transcendent peace.


  1. Thanks Steph! Flashlights are hard to find in our house so be prepared! So glad to have you helping us out at our house. We had a great time at Magic Kingdom today… did the whole thing until our feet fell off. The kids are all flat out in bed now. Then we’re at it again tomorrow. Talk to you soon. In Jesus, Ken.

  2. Well it sounds like you are having a wonderful time, and it even looks like you are getting some sun shine. Nothing exciting has happen here other then we rang in the new year last night oh and we will most likely lose power sometime today again. Sorry I havent sold the house yet. (TRYING) Take care and love you all .

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