I Refuse to Claim the Life I Deserve

Cheerios_small Did you know that some people make a living as "exercise psychologists"?  I had no idea.  But this morning on the back of a Cheerios box, I learned about an exercise psychologist named Bob Greene who thinks we need to lay claim to the life we deserve.  The way to claim that life is through Bob’s special "Best Life Diet" plan, "a comprehensive program that focuses on gradual lifestyle changes and encourages a well-balanced diet based on nourishing, satisfying foods like Cheerios cereal to help you become healthier and happier."  By the way, Bob is also Oprah’s personal trainer.

Now, I’m sure that Cheerios is good for you.  I don’t question that.  I’m eating some right now.  Neither do I question whether Bob Greene has a good health diet plan.  He probably does.  But I do wonder about Bob’s suggestion that changing our diet will enable us to "claim the life we deserve."

The life we strive for is one of goodness, for we were all created by a very good God and he even said we were good when he made us.  But since then, we have all thrown away our claim to the good life through things like envy, hatred, murder, etc etc etc.  For all of the sinful crap that we threw at our good life, the Bible says that the life we deserve is death.  What we have earned from our actions is death, says Romans 6:23.

So, with all respect to Bob and Oprah, I have no compelling desire to claim the life I deserve.  The deserved consequence of my sin is not one I truly want to stand up and demand.  No diet plan, even if it’s the best in the world, could change my mind about claiming what I deserve.

I do, however, yearn to claim the life I am granted.  While I deserve death, the gift of God is forever life, that same verse in Romans says.  Through his forgiveness, for which I humbly ask, he grants me pardon for what I deserve, and allows me to feast forever at his table with him.  Diet Schmiet, eh.  I want today to claim God’s grace over me.  (Thank you, Jesus, for your mercy and your love!  What is your diet plan, God?!  I’ll eat that forever!)

Anyways, this is what I thought about while on vacation at Disney World.

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