Movement The book of proverbs is pro-action.  Wisdom expects movement.  Stationary, non-descript living is not acceptable.  This book is not called Pronouns.  It is called Proverbs!  The reader is to be the subject who acts with the wisdom that is learned through Solomon’s teachings.  Wisdom is not slothful, lazy, inactive or dead.  Wisdom is pro-ductive.  Wisdom moves like Ladanian Tomlinson.  Wisdom makes its way through the streets and charges through crowds. 

Proverbs expects the reader to move.  Chapter 2 gives us at least six things we are to do in order to obtain wisdom.

  1. Listen to these words
  2. Treasure these instructions
  3. Tune our ears to wisdom
  4. Concentrate on understanding
  5. Cry out for insight
  6. Search for comprehension like lost money

THEN, after actively acting, will we understand what it means to fear the Lord and to begin grasping true knowledge.

Image by Ralph Brandi (c)2003

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