24 hours of TV

24_wallpaper_800x600 Okay, so I just spent two hours of my life loving every ticking second of the season premiere of 24.  And I’ve got 22 more hours of my life to spend on this upcoming sixth season.  That’ll be 144 hours of Jack Bauer’s amazing talent and bravado and Star-Wars-level dialogue by the time this dramatic TV day ends.  And I love it.  Why?

Because of Jack Bauer.  He is superman and yet he is human.  He is smarter than anyone else, braver than anyone else, more noble than anyone else, more true than the anyone on the planet.  He saves individuals and he saves nations.  His voice speaks caringly and frightfully with Aslan-type love and strength.  Jack Bauer is a savior for a people gripped in the fear of terror. 

Ahhh.  That’s the trick.  Jack Bauer is a pretend savior.  Almost a psuedo-savior.  He can’t really save anyone because he doesn’t really exist.  The fear of terrorism is all too real… but alas, Jack Bauer is not.  But how we want him to be!

The show is so good because it is the Gospel.  The greatest story ever told being retold again in a new way… and leaving out the part about Jesus.  Tonight, Jack even offered himself in obedient sacrifice to save the lives of 300 million Americans.  Of course, Jack figured out another way at the last second.  And as a result we all get sucked into his heroism again. 

In the end though, without Jesus, the show will fade away into a vault in Hollywood or some guys computer hard-drive.  But for now, I can’t help but to be enticed and hooked.

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