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Ministry_leadership_f_catalyze Ministry Leadership is the exercise of serving and equipping people within a community in such a way that those people live for Jesus, love others and catalyze a movement of Jesus followers in this world: Ministry leadership raises up a movement of multitudes of people who are empowered and impassioned to follow Jesus Christ.  This movement, known as the Church, is an alternate community which practices together the integration of faith and life:

a.       Known as the church: The church is an alternate community embodying the eternal hope offered by Jesus Christ through his death and resurrection.  The church also seeks opportunities to draw others to God through Christ-like action, Christ-like teaching, and Christ-like love.  Finally, the church also invites those who hunger spiritually to participate in relationship with Jesus through unique boundary markers of community including the initiation rite of baptism and the fellowship of communion.  Missional leadership is best accomplished through the development of relationship and the service of needs through a network of cell groups, much like the original thousands of Christians in Acts 2. 

b.      To practice together: The church communes and practices together through a worship-immersed identity and Word-breathed environment that enlivens people in their recreated identity as God’s people.

c.       The integration of faith and life:  The church is the foretaste of God’s restorative intentions for his people and for his creation.  Jesus Followers, served and equipped in community to live for Jesus and love others are catalyzed to practice an integration of faith and life as it was originally created to be and as is now restored through Jesus.

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