Please Pray More Often Peyton!

Nfl_g_peyton_412 Pray in all circumstances.  Pray without ceasing.  In everything, by prayer present your requests to God.  Pray pray pray pray pray. 

Look, some of you have discovered that I’m a Colts fan.  I’ve made a couple posts on leadership about Peyton Manning’s style and I’ve been rooting for him to succeed in the Super Bowl for the last six years.  I have actually spent time PRAYING hard for him to do well on the field, I’m almost embarrassed to say.  Almost.

But the Colts were beginning to burn me inner parts by going the way of my tragic Cubbies every year.  They’d get my hopes up, make me love ’em, make me invest my time and energy and emotion in rooting for them… AND THEN RIP MY HEART OUT!  The Colts for six years have been charging into the playoffs with the opportunity to win it all– only to stink.

So you might be able to imagine my intrigue last night when Peyton started talking about how PRAYER helped him WIN the AFC Championship game that day against his arch-rival Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.  But what amazed me about his comments was his awkwardness about prayer.  He seemed reluctant to admit that he had sought assistance from the Ultimate Quaterback to make a winning drive with one minute to go.   After the game, and after winning on that final drive, Peyton said: "I said a little prayer there on that last drive… I don’t know if you’re supposed to pray or not in those kinds of situations, but I did."

Well, Peyton, yes, you should pray.  I’m glad you did this time.  Thanks, man.  Please pray on Feb 4!

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