Beginning Again

100_1195Img_0975100_1207   I feel blessed.  God has opened a great door for us.  I’m not one to seek attention through good things that happen.  I usually stay somewhat reserved when something great happens… choosing to confide in those closest to me.  But I feel prompted to open up a bit more this time. 

Last weekend God gifted me with a great time of teaching, connecting, sharing, laughing and searching with a new group of friends and followers of Jesus.  I travelled to Calgary and then out to Camp Caroline in the Rockies for a retreat with the young adults of Brentview Baptist.  The snow was gorgeous, the pool was warm, the tubing hill was the essence of painful exuberance, and the worship and fellowship was encouraging.  I can’t tell you how thankful to God I am to have the opportunity to be a "pastor" in such a group.

The focus for my teaching was on the first three chapters of proverbs.  Wisdom.  How Solomon got it, messed it up, and eventually truly embraced it.  Wisdom, I’ve concluded, is fearing God, seeking God, and trusting God.  It was great to see the Spirit working in so many of our lives as we face huge life-changing situations (jobs, moving, relationships, etc).  It was great to be a part of Andrew’s baptism, participate with Dan in worship, and to have had so many deep-life conversations with so many.  It was also encouraging to be surprised by Ruth tagging along for the retreat!

Anyways, I could write so much more.  I look forward to what else God will be doing over the next several years.  Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me, Kathy and our family during this transition period.  Please keep it up!


  1. Thanks Renee,
    Hope we get the chance to meet up in Calgary some time. That’s a great group of people at BBC. In the rolling tube, that’s Dan L, who led worship for us over the weekend.

  2. I liked reading about Camp Caroline! I used to attend BBC (before leaving Calgary for school in SK) and was all about the winter retreats. I’ve heard about this particular retreat from friends that went, but it’s so nice to hear about it from your point of view. Question, is that Rob doing the “rolling tuber” move? It’s hard to make people out since they all look the same in their winter gear!

  3. whadaya need to know? From what I understand (and it’s not much yet) RSS is a subscription feed that will let you know everytime someone posts something. So to this particular post, if someone leaves a comment, the RSS will let you know. If you are subscribed to the entire site (link is on the bottom right column of the page), then you’ll know everytime I make a new post. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. Or I could be completely wrong.

  4. dude…who’s the youth kid on the right side of the tube in the bottom picture….he’s lookin a little dwarfed by the “young adults”
    love ya bro!

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