Exiles by Michael Frost

Exiles I’m enjoying Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture, a somewhat new book by Michael Frost.  (Frost first caught my attention through The Shaping of Things to Come which he wrote with Alan Hirsch- an amazing book.)  Frost has fresh vision and deep passion for the Church in the coming generation.  He challenges my pre-set conclusions… changing some… affirming others.  He offers interesting examples of believers around the world who are experimenting with new ways of pursuing ministry, mission and the organization of the faith community.  I don’t always agree with his summaries about the church in the suburban world.  But for the most part, I’m sold that Frost has his pulse on the key movements currently in progress in the Western faith community.  In this book he suggests that Jesus Followers need to recognize that we do not live in a Christian society.  We live in a foreign culture.  We are followers of Jesus in a strange land.  We must learn to live like Daniel and other Exiles who served God without compromising to the society around them, while maintaining an inspiringly lived faith  Here’s one of the many comments that have grabbed my attention:

This is the work of the exile- not the discovery of a new gospel, or a new Christ, or a new Bible, as some more liberal thinkers have suggested, but the rediscovery of the orginal genius of the teaching of Jesus and the missional practice of the earliest Christians, all lived out boldly on the soil of a post-Christian empire. (p.26)

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