Neighborhood Pirates

8TxKBnyocFeb 2, 2007— Another short story from my son, eight-year-old Zachary Castor:

One day, Me, Tyler, Nicholas, Ben and Elly were playing on the trampoline.  We were having fun when some pirates took it away.  We ran to the house.  “Mom, Dad!  Mom, Dad!” I said.  “Pirates took the trampoline!” said Nick.  My Dad (who’s name is Ken, very smart) said, “those are the neighborhood pirates… You guys and me are going to find them.”  And we set off on our adventure.

We heard “Ho ho ho ho it’s a pirates life for me!”  “Pirates!” said Ty out loud!  “Arg.  Who said that!?” said the captain.  “Uh-oh,” said Elly (who is cute).  “I see you!” said a pirate.  “After them!”  We ran away as fast as we could.  The end.


  1. Hey Amazing Castor Family.
    On Friday i heard that you guys are leaving for the big city of calagary on monday. Boy am I going to miss all of you. Thank you for the impact that you have made in my life. I was thinking last night before I went to bed about the past few years with all of you and of all the exciting things that await you in calgary. And i know its with tears that we say goodbye to you here but we know that you will be greeted with smiles there. And we also know that where ever you go God will be using all of you in amazing ways.
    When you have the time after you are settled in email me your mailing address, if you wouldnt mind. I want to attempt to keep contact even thought im horrible at it.
    My prayers go with you. Thank you for being you.
    I love you all and will greatly miss you.
    Resting in Him
    Oh and if i ever get married you have an open invitation.
    Zach: I LOVE all of your short stories and i look forward to reading them. Have fun in your new school. And thanks for all the fun we were able to have everytime i babysat you and Ben. I think playing Monsters is my favorite game.

  2. Thanks Grandma! I hope the pirates don’t follow us. That was just a made up story that I wrote. Yo ho ho! Wait a minute, there’s a pirate behind you! Ah! Run away, Grandma, run! Ha ha! Made you look! Just teasing. Maybe in a couple days I’ll send you a new story. Love, Zachary. And happy new year. -Zac

  3. Hey Char! You’ve braved a step into the blogging world. I’m impressed. We’ll get Zac to write a comment back to you tomorrow! Glad you like his stories. I’m going to try to post one every week or so. Keeps me fresh and reminds me what is good in this world. Love, ken.

  4. Zachary,
    I loved your story. I miss you, Ben, and Eliana very much. Once you are settled in Calgary, Grandpa and I will come see you. Maybe those pirates will follow you to Calgary. If they do, we will go on a Pirate Hunt. Today it is -8.5-that is a bit frosty! Love to your mom and dad. Please give everyone a sloppy kiss. Love and Blessings, Grandma Prior Lake

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