The Hungry Dragon

Papo_blue20winged20dragon Another short story by my son, Zachary Castor:

Once upon a time there was a big strange looking dragon.  It had 2 sharp teeth coming out of its mouth and he had a strange looking tail.  It had 2 large horns right behind its eyes.  One day he got really hungry.  He wanted to go hunt for food.  The thing this dragon liked to eat the best was a human.  He went to a village to catch a human.  He scarred a whole bunch of people away, but one person didn’t see the dragon.  So the dragon ate him up.  The end.


  1. Great story Zach!
    Its a good thing that humans only taste good to dragons and that we dont have too many around here or in Calgary!
    Are you having fun with all the snow? I dont think dragons would like it!
    Miss you! Have fun!

  2. Hi Zac,
    I have a question for you. Was the village in your story Calgary?
    I was happy to hear that your family arrived safely. Looking forward to more of your stories.
    Love, Grandma Prior Lake

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