Settlers of Catan

Settlersofcatan We’re staying in Calgary with a generous couple from Brentview.  Christopher and Karilynn have offered to share their home with us until we get settled into the area.  They have also taught us the game that has stirred intrigue and wonder in my soul for years now.  I’ve always avoided learning the game due to my fear that it would overtake my life in a manner similar to Jack Bauer and 24.  But, with my supportive wife by my side walking step by step with me, I have now become a Settlers of Catan addict.  I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep for days as I dream about wheat, ore, bricks, sheep and wood.  The nightmares of the robber will awaken me with cold sweats from my commodity-induced slumber.  Ahhh, the joy of the developing cities and the longest roads.  Ohhh, the dispair of having your cards stolen from you.  This is the world of Settlers… of which I am now a pioneer.  (Many thanks to Paul Z, whose drooling over this game a few years ago caused me such great fear and temptation.)

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