The Fresh Maker

Mentosfruits      God’s breath is fresh.  Always fresh.  It’s like he has a constant eternal supply of Mentos… those mints with cheesy commercials and “the fresh-maker” slogan.  God is like the ultimate Fresh Maker of Heaven and Earth.  Everything he breathes upon flourishes with life.  His breath is not like mine… When I breathe on things they seem to wilt or coil back.  But when God breathes, everything draws closer and opens up for more.

     God’s breath means life.  When he created humans- they stood as a lump of molded sinew… until God breathed into them.  Then they blossomed with relationship and naming the platypus and the manatee.  When Jesus commissioned his followers- they stood there as speechless lumps of sinew… until he breathed onto them and gave them the Holy Spirit, the Breath of God and they ran through the world changing the rest of history.  When God gave Ezekiel a vision of dry bones, they stood there as lumps of reformed sinew… until God breathed onto them the breath of life and they lived again!   Even God’s life-giving Word is described in the Bible as God-breathed.

     My prayer tonight is a simple one.  In the midst of the changes happening in our life, I do not want to get dry.  I want to be fresh, alive, full of vigor, having the evidence of God’s breath on the cold Calgary days.  So God, breathe on me, this unworthy soul.  Make me new.  Refresh my inner soul.  Let me not exist as just a lump of sinew… taking up space on this earth, standing there motionless.  Instead let me stretch out my arms and breathe in deep… until You, God, expand my lungs and make me run.  Breathe, God, breathe out into me. 


  1. Wow.. a much need fresh breath from God!! As I read this it gave me God-Bumps. I will ask God to fill me with his breath today and each day following..
    Thanks for allowing God to speak through you!

  2. this was really inspiring ken. i always appreciate how you are able to put things into words which make sense…and ever creative!
    i’ll have to send you our itinerary for Calgary so we can meet up for some Buck’s…
    best of transitioning to ya’ll!

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