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And so I have come to learn that Communion is much more than an “occasional prop” that is added to the end of a Sunday morning service.[1]  It is, therefore, my intention to discover and embrace a fresh approach to Communion as we begin again in Calgary.  Leonard Vander Zee has noted that “as physical beings, we need more than words to bring us into relationship with Christ.”[2]  So I intend to immerse my heart and soul in the practice of Communion with others in such a way that we better learn to live as a community.  Said more distinctly, through a re:newed practice of Communion we will learn to better live united with God and one another.

God desires to sup with his family.  Jesus dined with his disciples and with the worst of sinners.  Jesus fed multitudes through the blessing and breaking of bread.  Communion from God’s perspective is his invitation to join him at the table.  Kreider comments that “if we follow our earliest Christian brothers and sisters, we will embrace the unabashed joy and cleansing release of Jesus’ encounter with us at the table.  Jesus’ words ‘Do this’ are not so much command as invitation to his friendship and to vulnerable fellowship at his table.”[3]

In effect, by Communion God calls out to the entire world, “Dinner is ready!  Come home!”  He has prepared a table for us and invites us to be his guests of honor.  He serves us as we enter, grasping a towel to wash our feet with loving care.  He listens to us and showers us with his attention.  No meager portions or insufficient provisions exist at God’s table.  All is lavished with God’s abundant grace.

[1] Vander Zee wrote: Evangelicals have so emphasized the preaching of the Word that the sacraments have become mere occasional props.” Ibid., 24.

[2] Ibid., 24.

[3] Kreider, 22.

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